Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why did the zombies start in the show the walking dead?

they r going to tell the reason the zombies started in the tv show the walking dead can you tell me why the zombies started|||Zombies originate from

a virus called solanum which once in the blood stream causes a very high fever which ends in death. The dead then rises after dying and desires to

consume human flesh which in turn causes more zombies. Thats how a zombie outbreak begins.

The virus replicates using the frontal lobe of the brain and that is how people die and become reanimated

so fast.|||Solarum or whatever Max brooks calls it is NOT the cause of zombiism in the Walking Dead.

The creator of the Walking Dead stated many times that he doesnt care what the cause was and will not ever reveal it because its not important why. Just how we humans deal with it.

To the answerer who quoted Max Brooks. His book, the Zombie Survival Guide is a work of fiction. His cause, solarum or whatever its called is something HE made up. There is NO WAY HEEEE could know what causes ALLLL zombiism lol

so stop quoting a work of fiction. its like kids quoting rappers like its the gospel LOL|||In the Season 1 finale, we were informed that it is a virus that causes people to die and reanimate as Zombies.

No clue was given as to where or how the virus originated.

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